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Worshipping Your Own Feet

  • Worshipping Your Own Feet

    It's always fun to toy with my pathetic foot fool and you would do anything to worship my perfect peds... So naturally I am going to take full advantage of you and exploit your weaknesses. I tease you with my feet but I'd never really give you the pleasure of even a small sniff. You wanna worship feet in my presence, you're going to worship your own. Exactly as I instruct with very specific details. One hand will be jerking that cock and the other playing with your own feet. Contorted into all positions attempting to do exactly as I instruct while I laugh at you. But that's not all, as time goes on I think up a fantastically sinister idea... you're going to be allowed a cum countdown but only because you are going to blow your load all over your own feet and lick every last drop up as I mock my foot faggot.       

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