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Widdle Frilly Humper

  • Widdle Frilly Humper


    Diaper Humiliation, Sissification, Small Penis Humiliation, and Breast Worship-

    "You've decided that since I'm not a man and have a babydick anyway, I might as well be a babygirl, so you've dressed me in all pink frills and diapered me. With lots of baby talk, you tease me and constantly remind me that I can never be close to you because Sissy Babies don't deserve that. As you make me hump the floor, you make me repeat various phrases in my best lisp admitting what I am, how pathetic I am, and regularly making me stop humping and beg you to continue. I'd be expected to be sucking a pacifier in between speaking, spitting it out and putting it back in whenever not expected to speak."


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    • Small Penis Humiliation
    • Adult Diaper