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White Woman's Hose

  • White Woman's Hose

    What do you think you're looking at? You're getting paid to reroute the wires under my desk not stare at my pantyhose covered feet. And now you're leaning in as if you want to smell the sweet scent of my feet. And is that an erection I see? What's wrong with you? You're a perverted "N word", that's what you are. You want to sniff my feet, well come close and sniff, lick, and kiss my arches. You know it's kind of turning me on calling you a "N word" while you worship my feet. It's making my pussy wet. You keep going, while I take care of myself, making myself cum. And I'm sure the "N word"s never tasted a white women before, no one's ever let you but I want you to come taste me. Come lick my pussy clean...of my own and left over lovers juices.

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