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What's Yours Is His

  • What's Yours Is His

    The anticipation's killing you. Exactly what is underneath this button down shirt of yours..? <br/>

    All of this. All of me. 


    By the way, he really appreciates you letting me borrow this shirt of yours. It added immensely to our foreplay.

    But you know I'm not going to thank you. What's yours is mine and what's mine is his... to fuck me in. Awe, did that upset you? Well if you're going to pretend like I hurt your feelings I'm going to button back up. And I refuse to share the details about the sex I just had with my other boyfriend until you admit to me your cock is useless. You and I both know my cuckold bitch (you) loves hearing about how much pleasure my other man gives me. You crave these precious moments when I return home from a good fuck and share all of our juicy sexual secrets to you. I love rubbing it in your face and you eat it up like the insecure and inferior loser that you are. Tell you what, I'll throw you a little bone tonight. You can have back the panties you bought me... no not right now... but after you prove to me you are a good cuckold bitch.

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