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//urdered For Money

  • //urdered For Money

    An old man such as yourself should be thankful I've decided to go through with this marriage. And because I'm a good wife, I plan to consummate our union by carrying out my marital duties. Sex. The pleasure you've waited so long for. I promised myself I'd never give it away before I was wed. And now that matters have been signed and sealed, now that I'm taken care of... and all the important legal paperwork has been filed away, it's time we get down to business. But a man your age should be careful. The stress of sex has been known to cause heart attacks and lead to death... and we wouldn't want that to happen. So before we even begin, I'm going to see if you can handle me.  If the shock of kissing my breasts is too much for you, we're going to need to take things more slowly. Come close, put your face right in between my breasts and let's see what happens...

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