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Two Thrusts To Failure

  • Two Thrusts To Failure

    Let Me guess, it only takes you about 2 minutes to cum.. if you're lucky that it even lasts that long. So small, so pathetic. I bet you're a virgin! You're not? So tell Me about it...
    Oh an escort. And? Wait, let Me guess. You bent her over and thrust it inside once, twice, and awe, wow you blew your load. Should I be surprise it only took you two pumps? Well I'm not. You are incapable of giving a woman pleasure and that's why it was once and only once. You can't make it past the first few thrusts without failing. No woman wants an inadequate lover. A woman wants to feel a cock. To be thrown into ecstasy, driven wild.
    You, on the other hand, can't even get her to moan. The one sound you crave hearing the most. Uhhh Oh yeaaaah uhhh, mmm. Music unsung to your ears.
    Imagine fucking Me with that pathetic cock. I bet if I let you come close enough that throbbing boner would slid against My thigh and you'd lose it once again. Not even entering. Common, fuck Me. Ohhh mmmmm aaaah! Keep dreaming wimpy. I have no sympathy for losers like you.  

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