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Toilet Paper Tongue

  • Toilet Paper Tongue

    I know what you're doing. I know exactly what your doing. Getting hot and horny. You want my ass so you can jerk your little disgusting dick. Jerk that dick to my ass. You wanna take that cock of yours and jerk it. Stroking and staring at my ass. Get that rhythm going. But every time you get close to blowing, and I know your little dick doesn't last that long, you build up and let go.

    And you wish you could stick your face right into the crack of my ass. As close to my asshole as you can and sniff. My personal ass cleaner. Just like ass paper tongue. Licking my ass clean. It's disgusting you stroke to the thought of my ass crack. But you keep stroking.

    Stroke harder, faster. But you do not cum until permission is given for release. I control your orgasm. Oh and did I mention, you are not allowed to cum by stroking. You will cum only by touching the head of your penis. Oh and when you've squeezed all that cum out, after it's all dribbled out, I make you suck up your own cum. 

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