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Tittie Home Wrecker

  • Tittie Home Wrecker

    Would you be open to changing the custom to a homewrecking clip? I love the idea of you using my lust for your gorgeous breasts to lure me away from my wife and in to your addictive world of selfish pleasure. You beckon my little dickie to come closer to you with your sexy long nails. You invade my weak married mind with sinful promises of the most pleasurable orgasm I'll ever experience...all I have to do is cave and give in to the wonderful feeling of jerking to your sexy tits!
    Your sweet, intoxicating words about how hard you can make me cum wrap around my mind and my dick and pull me in to you. I can not escape my desire to give in to you and just jerk away!!
    You challenge me to resist your sweet corruption. All I have to do is walk away and turn off the clip and I will be free of your seductive charms. But you know that's not what my dick really wants. Just look down at how hard it is!!! And you can guarantee I will not be able to resist once I start to stroke....

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