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Time To Suck

  • Time To Suck

    "Could you do another 5 min. video with the leather gloves and also the leather dress from "Cock Slobbing Whore? In this clip, you have pimped me out in order to make your cash. Up until this moment, I only know that a special visitor is on his/her way. You instruct me on my every action. As always you give a few glove smacks, to show who's in control."

    I've ruined his rep with his family. His gf has left him. All he has left is Me and obeying My command. And My command is not going to be fun or pretty. It's going to be sloppy and involve cock. 

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    • Length: 6:00
    • Created: 2/10/13
    • Nudity? No
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    • Gloves
    • Coerced Gay