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The Breakroom

  • The Breakroom

    I know, it's been such a long day and only half over... so stressful. You know, why don't you come sit down and have a little break with me. You do so much for this company, you deserve a little time to unwind. And it might be beneficial to get to know more about your secretary. I've been working under you for so long and know nothing about you either. I mean, I have my suspicions but I'd prefer to hear it directly from your own mouth. 

    You have a thing for my hose, yeah? I knew it. Well since you shared that secret with me, I want to share my feet with you. And my breasts too? I want to share those as well. That's it, enjoy them. I mean it's not sexual harassment if I'm enjoying this. But you do want to keep me happy to ensure our special, secret break time continues.

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