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Stuffed Foot Cunt

  • Stuffed Foot Cunt

    Plenty of verbal humiliation and extreme brutality.

    I am looking down at my bitch  while stomping her face, kicking her face, and fucking her face.  She will learn to love my feet. After all, she is nothing more than a stupid whore. A dumb cunt stuffed full of my pantyhose clad feet. A dumb bitch waiting for please me. Nothing more than a hole for black cock. Bitch needs my feet to stretch her throat wide. She craves my abuse. Repeatedly kicked, stomped, degraded, and stuffed. I own her fucking face, throat, and existence.

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    • Created: 3/27/14
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    • Pantyhose Domination
    • Lesbian Domination
    • Foot Domination