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Stomp Out

  • Stomp Out


    REQUESTED: You have a woman in your neighborhood that you despise and has been talking about you and your friends. For the past 2 weeks the bitch continues to hide cause she heard you're gonna kick the out of her. You invite the bitch over to visit. she has no idea the power you possess in your stinky feet. She walks in and your feet are on the table bottoms facing the bitch. You're wearing sheer nylons and you're wiggling your toes hypnotically. The bitch senses something is "a foot" when you stop smiling and order her to drop to her knees. She doesn't know why but she complies and the fear begins to set in.
    You explain that she will be participating in the filming of a clip and hand delivering it to her son. The purpose of the clip is to show that if the son doesn't pay you have the means to deliver the pain and humiliation through the mother so he knows you're serious.
    First you will pay off the $800 owed to me by your son. We're going to start by having your face by big black dicks at a rate of $10 an inch, so each cock is 10 inches....... that's 80 BIG BLACK dicks.
    you will open your cum filled mouth and drink our . I'm going to squat over your face, you will open wide and if you miss one drop of my precious , you have take another 80 cocks to make up for it. So I suggest you get it ALL.
    Then you hold your foot above her face with an evil grin and stomp her out.
    With the screen black but the audio still up, you tell the black guys to all over her to clean her up before she wakes up and crawls home


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