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  • stolen_seed

    Your car has broken down outside of my place and you come in to use the phone. I pour you a glass of 'water' and make small talk while we wait for the tow truck. I notice your wedding band and am convinced she's a lucky lady but you don't look so happy. You want kid and she doesn't. Such a shame. 

    Suddenly you begin to look flushed and everything goes dark. You come to with me sitting on top of you, riding you. If your wife doesn't want your seed I sure as hell am going to take it. There's nothing you can do about it either as you seem to be completely paralyzed everywhere but your penis. You'll no longer be needing that wedding band either... I toss the band and continue to ride you, teasing you. I'm taking your seed in my belly. It's all mine. And when I finally get what I want from you I offer you another glass of 'water' causing everything to go black.

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    • Impregnation Fantasy
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