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Step Brother's Blackmail

  • Step Brother's Blackmail

    I'm a smart little cookie. My socks go missing; you are teased at school for staring at the popular girls feet. Easily put together. You are far too simple minded to get away with your sock sniffing escapades with me, brother. But why not have a little fun with your fetish? Pull out that cock and jerk. Jerk it to my feet and my pretty little toes. That's right. Keep jerking not only because you love finally playing out your fantasy but because if you don't do what I say your little secret could slip my lips. And not only to the popular girls who will continue their incessant teasing but maybe even to mummy and daddy. You're under my control now, brother. You scratch my back and, well, I just won't tell on you. Go on and squeeze it all out, all over my toes. I want some evidence incase you attempt to wiggle your way out of our little 'arrangement'.

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