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Sneaker Freak

  • Sneaker Freak

                    I invite you over to help tutor me in English class but catch you staring at my dirty sneakers. What kind of freak are you? Why would you think a rich, white, privileged white girl would need your help? I'm making an 'A' in English. If I wanted your help it would been in math.
    So chinky, on your knees. You're going to kiss and lick my shoes, weirdo while I admit my friends and I already were aware of your perversion. I just so happened to be the first one to out you.  Your rep is in the palm of my hands. If I want to parade you down the school's halls a leash kissing the ground I walk on, so be it.

    This clip contains verbal racial Asian humiliation.

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    • Interracial Domination
    • Humiliation
    • Sneaker Fetish