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Skinny Dipping

  • Skinny Dipping

    I've seen you sneaking glances at me through the window while your daughter and I were swimming. You've been fantasizing about my glimmering shiny, wet body... how you'd like to caress my body. So what do you say? No one's home. Wife is away, Daughter is away. No one will catch us. Let's go for a dip in that pool of yours, just you and me, yeah?

    Wrong! This was a test and you failed miserably! I'm going to report back to your wife what she suspected, you are a filthy perv. But your cock's already hard so what shall it be? Me or your happily married family life? I can finish you off with a hand job right now or you can sulk away with blue balls and keep the family.

    Me? I thought so...

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