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  • Sissy-gasm

    It's about time we take things to the next level by you showing the ultimate sign of respect and obedience. You're going to learn to have sissy-gasms. A sissy-gasm only includes one rock solid cock and since your the little whore being pounded in the cunt that leaves you without the stiffy. And even though you are enjoying your big daddy pounding you in the mancunt, you're not allowed to show it. It's the ultimate form of chastity without the device. Your cock doesn't get hard while he opens you up and stuffs you in that tight hole. But you will enjoy it and you will orgasm from his big black cock. the bitch will grind his cock until you feel it pulsating, ready to blow cum and only after he spews his load into you will you hit your spot and sissy-gasm along side of him.

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