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Shot Perverted Neighbor

  • Shot Perverted Neighbor


    Custom: "Attitude: Flirty and lighthearted. Can degrade me as a loser or pervert or pathetic but NO PROFANITY please!" With added special FX.
    You have discovered your pervert neighbor fantasizes about dying by your hand. You decide to come over with a to fulfill his fantasy. Play with and pose with frequently pointing it at the camera.
    Comment on how perverted and strange it is for me to fantasize about being shot by a girl but that you like that.
    Constantly remind me about how I'm about to be killed by a sexy girl and there is nothing I can do to stop it
    Talk about how lucky I am to be getting killed by you, and that you love shooting guys
    Occasionally shoot me (the camera) at least 10 times during video, simulating a slight kick
    Instruct me at least once not to yet because you're not not finished shooting me.
    Comment that you can see I am turned on and that I may as well jerk off one last time
    Casually smile and laugh as you shoot me, talk about the rush and how much it turns you on to take a man's life. Talk about how much you are enjoying killing me and how many, many, many men you have killed with your .
    Ask if it feels good when you shoot your bullets into me. Ask if it is better than I imagined
    Conclude by telling me my time is up and you will give me a final countdown to my . Count a seductive and teasing countdown from 10 with some belittling comments between numbers before firing one last time to finish me off
    Blow pretend smoke from your barrel and laugh as you comment about my stupid fantasy


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    • Price: $6.99
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    • Length: 6:15
    • Created: 4/19/12
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


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