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Serve Me

  • Serve Me

    You don't get to enjoy My body. The only enjoyment you get from Me is serving Me. You're begging Me, pleading for My time. Now take that fist off your cock because you're not jerking it, not in My presence. You're purpose is to serve Me. Your destiny is to serve Me. Keep staring at all of this, all of this you can't have. Slowing sinking lower, feeling weaker and stupid,. I snap, you jump. This isn't a fantasy, this is REAL servitude and you have yet to fully make Me happy. 

    Show your devotion to Me, prove your worth. There is nothing more arousing to that cock knowing I won't be thinking of you while I count your tribute. 

    All your effort spent and I won't even think twice about you. A smile on My face is all that matters.

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