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Respectful Cuckold

  • Respectful Cuckold

    You want Me. You crave Me. And I'm offering you a little bit of Me. A condom used on Me. The taste of My pussy all over it yet you know it was unrolled down another man's cock. You could be a little cuckie. That's how I'd let a loser like you pleasure Me. Licking a used condom just to taste Me. You're just a bitch, a sub, a slave, a loser. Your dick jumps when you see My middle finger.  And of course you know better. You'd never disrespect Me by fantasizing about making love to Me. You know better. You'd never be good enough for Me so in stead of dreaming about fucking My pussy you dream about being granted My permission to jerk your cock at the idea of being useful to Me. And a cum countdown would be bliss for you, but I'm not nice. I'm a bitch and I won't give you that. Besides, releasing in My presence is rude and you know better.

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