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Pretty In Pink

  • Pretty In Pink

    The total humiliated package! I don't think I can take you any lower. The pure degradation I dish out as you stare at yourself in the mirror. Remember, just because you have a male organ, that doesn't make you a man. And because you aren't getting any pussy, I'd classify you as a pussy. I instruct you on what to wear and how to look pretty in pink. I'll make you sparkle and shine! Hair, nails, face, all dictated by me. 

    But oh, we're not done yet. Just when you thought I'd drug you as low as you could go I demand you to take a sh1t in your palm, smear it all over your face, jerk your clit with your shit hand and lap you cum all up while staring at yourself and the hot mess you've become.

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    • Humiliation