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Power Over Daddy

  • Power Over Daddy

    Does it look good on Me daddy? I just love how you take Me lingerie shopping, helping Me pick out something sexy for My boyfriend. How does it make My ass look? I love it too! You're so sweet paying for all My lingerie for My boyfriend's pleasure... There is no other reason you help pick out lingerie is there, other than to spoil your little girl. Do you think it will look good off of Me too? Would you do Me in this daddy? No..? But I know your opinion is genuine. I see the boner it gives you. Coming inside the dressing room to help Me, have Me model lingerie. But perving on your own daughter? What would mum think? She knows I can't afford all this sexy lingerie on My own... And I think it's disgusting. So from now on, daddy, I don't need to model it for you. And just for fun, I want to see you pull out your cock and jerk it for Me. That's right. Hand over your credit card and resume your jerking. Better make it quick though, we wouldn't want the sales clerk to walk in on you. Oh and here, blow it into this bra I'm about to purchase with your card. For My insurance purposes.

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