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Post Workout Ass Ritual

  • Post Workout Ass Ritual
    "You come into my room fully clothed (t-shirt/yoga pants) angry, right off the bat say "hey toilet boy, get on your knees." Immediately I have to greet you by kissing your ass through your yoga pants, first the cheeks then the top of your ass crack, then a few directly on your butthole. Then you pull down your pants, you just came from the gym and you need your ass cleaned. Laugh at me as I use my tongue for toilet paper, say things like "aww, does it stink toilet boy?". Pretend that I don't actually want to clean your ass, but if i don't want my friends to find out about my disgusting fetish, I will do anything you say... Warn me if I even accidentally lick your pussy, you'll stomp my face in. Tell me I'm a fart swallowing, sucking loser and thats all I'll ever be. Before the clip ends, tell me you have to . Order me to go wait in the bathroom and set up the camera, because this time you're going to film me sucking the from your ass. Then you will have complete and ultimate control of my pathetic life!!" 

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