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Permission First

  • Permission First

    CUSTOM REQUEST:  i'd like a custom clip were you talk about my addiction to you and that there is no point but to submit myself to you completely. Tell me that you dont want me to fuck my wife anymore, and her being useless pig. I am your property now. I shouldn't do anything ever again pleasing her only you, my princess. Tell me, that the only way I get get off is by obeying you and purchasing your clips. Let me know who's in control what is the purpose of my life from this moment on. Id really love if you could where tight shirt and at the end of the clip please order me to countdown jerkoff and not do to it again unless you give me permission first.

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    • Price: $5.99
    • Filesize: 14.0 MB
    • Length: 5:00
    • Created: 8/23/12
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Orgasm Control
    • Female Domination