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  • Penectomy

    you found some penectomy porn on my computer,  and now you know my deep dark fantasy is to have my cock chopped  off. You talk me into trying some fantasy play with scissors during which you talk about different  circumstance that would make you do it to me or any other guy all the  different ways and weapons you could use, soft or hard, and what you  might do with it afterwards. Maybe teasing that I can have it back  to be sewn back on after if I promise to make good my ways,  ...before 'accidentally' flushing it, putting it in a blender, feed  it to a dog etc. 

    I'd like you to talk about a big cock getting cut off, and how you  think it's strange for a guy to fantasise about having his dick  chopped off, ... I chop his cock off ok?

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    • Domination