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Panty Pervert Exposed

  • Panty Pervert Exposed

    Oh hey baby! You'll never guess what I found on your computer... 

    A pink satin wearing pervert clip! And I know it's true. I found the panties. Such a waste of a good dick. Only a pussy wears panties, only a loser dresses up like a sissy. So go on, grab a pair of panties for yourself and that pink pair. One on your face, one over your 'pussy' and you stroke when you see my pink panties. A little humiliating game until you make a giant wet spot in those panties. And just for fun, get down on all fours. You want to act like an owned pet, I'll treat you like one.

    Follow up to <a href="">Pink Panty Wearing Pervert For Princess</a>

    ***Disclaimer: I had no idea there was a hole in the crotch until I was almost done. Happy pussy lip hunting.

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    • Created: 8/4/13
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