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Our Special Valentines Day

  • Our Special Valentines Day

    Looks familiar huh? Of course you remember this. It's the very first piece of lingerie I allowed you to buy for Me. Finally agreeing to have you take me out shopping and buy Me a little something sexy. All I wanted was this one piece... And today, what's today? Oh, Valentines day. And here I am, wearing your special little outfit you hand picked and paid for. Our special occasion, our special knew I'd make today spectacular. I do look good in it, huh? And your dick is telling Me the real story, you love it. You bought it especially for us on this special day and now were going to celebrate. Take off your pants... Nothing turns me on more than the look on your face when I tell you, Fuck You. This one piece of lingerie I let you by for us I am using for My real date. Not you. You're not sexy nor hot, you're pathetic jerking your dick infront of Me. You won't know what to do with Me and you wouldn't have the balls to even try anything. I'll make him to rip it your special piece of your lingerie off of Me so we can fuck on top of it and I'll bring it back home to you. To jerk off with. To treasure. Now go on. Stroke until you cum while I continue to humiliate you. I want you to blow your load and feel the guilt that comes along with your sick fetish. I want you to watch Me walk away from you for a real man while you are left with nothing but your own dripping cum.

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    • Humiliation
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