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Newly Wed Wife - Til |7eath Do Us Part

  • Newly Wed Wife - Til |7eath Do Us Part

    Hubby...mmm I love calling you that. And now that everything's been taken care of, the knot tied, the paper work signed, it's time to confirm the bond and take our relationship to that next intimate level.

    It's our special night and we've been saving ourselves for each other. It's time we let our wild and crazy side shine! 

    So do you know what a cuckold is, dear hubby? It's quite obvious you can't please Me. You're so shy and timid, always waiting for Me to make the first move. So I'll take the reigns. I'll find that someone who can please Me while you just do as I say and make sure My sex life goes on without a hitch. Realistically, why else would I have married such a wealthy wimp like you if it weren't for the simple fact I knew some how I would get use out of you.

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