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My Stripper Mentality

  • My Stripper Mentality

      Every night. Every single night. It's you. You come in just to see Me. For Me to entertain you. Grind My hips and put My ass up to your face. Just to drop that cash on Me. Because this is as close as you'd ever get to a girl like Me. Oh and poor wifey or girlfriend. At home, oblivious to your daily ritual of coming in and sliding your cash right next to My ass, huh sweety? This little addiction started so innocently and now you have to take that boner home to your significant other and waste it on her, right? All My dances, all that cash. And yo,u left with nothing. My ass bouncing on your cock has caused you to be come a failure. Blowing all your cash but fuck it, it's going to a better cause. Me. Now go home and ice your boner. No one want's to fuck you anyways. 

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