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Married Man's Test

  • Married Man's Test

    Married, oh and still not getting any sex? How pathetic is that. Your useless little dick is only useful to your hand. You're a fist fucker and yet such a faithful husband. Devoted to that wife of yours up until right now. You've found me. Something young, hot, and dangerous. And I'll really put that marriage to the test. 

    We both know that your marriage is a joke. Your wife won't give you any and even if she did it wouldn't be as hot as gripping it with your fist and fucking yourself under my control. You crave my attention. And when I allow you to cum it's better than sex, better than what wifey gives you. So it's about time to cut her out. You might not agree with how it sounds but but your cock sure does, bulging out of your pants. 

    So let's play a little jerk off game. One I am guaranteed to win.

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