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Locked Away Loser

  • Locked Away Loser
    You're locked up inside my cage for the first time because you begged for it. Only a pathetic loser would beg to be locked up 24/7. I warned you that no matter how much you begged, you'd never be set free. You let yourself become locked up. And now that you are in my cage you life is over. I take everything you have, leaving you locked in a cage, completely controlled. No one will even know you're here nor come to help you. You're my property now. Oh and did I forget to mention, locked in chastity too? Poor, pathetic, caged slave. You will live your new home and only be released if I need a footstool or some sort of human furniture. Teased by my ass, cock locked away writhing in pain. The rest of your lonely life will be spent behind my bars... that is until I grow bored of you... and possibly decide to chain you to my toilet and watch as you waste away your last few remaining months til the end

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    • Chastity
    • Domination
    • Slave Training