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Leather Glove Countdown

  • Leather Glove Countdown

    You thought you could escape me, didn't you? You could move on and get over me, that your life could possibly be different. Well bitch, let me remind you I'm not only apart of your life but I am your life. And you staring at me and my pretty hands encased in these leather gloves always puts you in your place. My leather gloved hand gripping your chin, as I stare you directly into your eyes reminding you that you are mine. 


    The sharp sting of my leather glove smacking against your cheek gets your cock throbbing. Grip that cock and stroke it. Jerking that cock for me is the only thing that gives you pleasure. Obeying me while I tease you and slap your face with my leather gloves. I am your life now. I am your sole purpose for living. I own you. 


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