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Knee High Black Boots

  • Knee High Black Boots

    These boots of mine that get you so weak, so worked up are now right in front of your face. It's amazing the power my boots hold over you. And the longer you stare at me in my boots the harder it becomes to break that gaze and look away. They make you want to drop to your knees. Go on, show me. Drop to your weak knees and show me your place before me.  My boots own you. Now tell me boot bitch, what would you like to do with them? Anything I tell you is the perfect answer. It's the only answer. Now crawl on over here and stick out that tongue. I want the dirty bottoms licked clean. Lick. Pucker up and slob on my dirty heel. Sucking and licking. Anything to come close and worship my knee high black boots.

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    • Boot Domination
    • Foot Fetish
    • Boot Worship