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I want you to cum

  • I want you to cum

    I really do. Pick out a few of My clips, specifically clips where I allow you to cum or give you a cum countdown. But in order to participate in this clip you are going to have to follow My directions exactly. And if you do... I allow you to cum to My sexy body, round ass, and perfect tits a second time.

    *you are going to need a condom*
    Now go on and watch My clips. Watch and jerk. Jerk it and blow your load into the condom I instructed you to have. Tie it off and put it somewhere special to save (like the fridge) until you are horny again and able to handle this clip. I guarantee I am going to have a lot of fun with you in this clip.

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    • Created: 12/6/11
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    • Cum Eating Instructi
    • Cum Countdown