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Humiliation Call - Condoms for Small Peckers

  • Humiliation Call - Condoms for Small Peckers

    I did actually invite you over to help Me unwind and fall asleep. Not to fuck Me, although that is what you might have thought given you were a "normal sized" man. Me in My skimpy little tank top and panties, calling you over for a booty call?  I'd categorize it more along the lines of a humiliation call. There is nothing you can do about having a small penis and  there is nothing you can do with it either. Take this Mangum for instance, it would fall right off of you. Even an 'average' sized condom wouldn't even stay on your insignificant insufficient cock. 

    But I know what will fit you. This teeny tiny condom made for shits and giggles is actually the perfect size for your penis. It's slides perfectly on My pinkie finger and I know it will be a secure fit for you! Let's try it out, shall we? Slide it on and jerk your little weenie as I laugh at you, counting you down to your blow. See, almost as good as sex for the both of us. You got to blow your little peepee and I got to relax and giggle the whole night away. Oh and as an added bonus, you're going to lick your little dribble out of the condom for Me, just cause.

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    • Small Penis Humiliation