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  • humiliated_jerking

    Simulated Interactive Masturbation Instruction -  You do as I do.


    You've never dreamt of a day quite like today. You thought it would never come to this. But it has. I am going to jerk your cock off. Me jerking YOUR cock. I know you're not going to last very long at all so here's the deal. All you have to do is stay hard the entire time I am jerking. 


    How long has it been since I woman touched your cock? Days? Months? Years? Does that feel good? When I decide your dick will be jerked, I will jerk it. When I want to give you the pleasure, I will give it to you. Right now your cock is mine, right now I control this. Are you going to cum for Me? Yeah? Yeah! 


    Humiliation - Jerk Off Instruction - Ruined Orgasm

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    • Orgasm Control
    • Ruined Orgasms
    • Jerk Off Instruction