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Hot Denial

  • Hot Denial

    All of me... these curves, from the top of my head all the way down to the bottoms of my feet. How could you possibly resist me? You can't. That's why you're here. Attempting so hard not to fall into my trap. But there really is no trap. I can't help it if I just so happen to do evil things to you. I can't help if I'm just that good at working you up and denying you.


    "I'm into controlled masturbation, goddess worship, body worship, prolonged

    tease and in most cases, denial, but not so much with the humiliation.

    Teasing about how perfect you are and how much control you have, how badly

    I want you, etc... is what you do best, imho.

    I will mention that one of the most effective and almost unbearable tactics

    is to repeatedly demand me right to the edge of cumming and then make me

    hold that edge without cumming. The longer the hold, and the less time to

    recover before resuming stroking, the harder it is.


    Of course in the end, you will not allow me to cum, suggesting that maybe

    if I come back for more I'll get that chance."

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