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His Dick Your Face

  • His Dick Your Face

    So close to my soft feet encased in silky tan pantyhose. The dark lined red tip polish peeking through my sheer hose drives you wild with desire. You fantasize about my feet and how you would sacrifice anything, especially your pride as a man to be this close to them. Allowed to kiss and worship my feet is a privilege and comes with a hefty, emasculating fee. You are only allowed this close to my pantyhose covered toes while they are wrapped around the cock of my boyfriend. You beg to kiss my feet as I tease you with his cock, slapping it across your face if you come to close. Because in all actuality, all you are is a pathetic sissy. Pleading to suck my toes as they slide up and down his giant cock. Only being allowed to feel my soft feet in your mouth after they are covered in his warm cum. Only a pathetic sissy would stoop so low.

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