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Happy Jerking

  • Happy Jerking


    You can play my sister's hot friend who happens to walk in on me while I'm masturbating. Instead of being disgusted, you're kind of turned on and decide to help me out by giving me some real life motivation. You know I've always been checking you out when you come over. You've noticed that bulge in my pants when I see you in tight spandex leggings like the ones you're wearing now. You say I must also love how your boobs just burst out of those tight tops you like to wear.
    So begin by teasing the butt and boobs, focusing a little more on the butt (I'm an ass man). I love how you teased the butt in videos like "butt juices" and "Shiny ass game". Slow and steady, rubbing your hands all over it, pulling the waist up to make the material grab the ass even more, hands on hips turning to the side, putting your hands up to your hair and dipping one leg like those girls in my attached pic. I also love how these pants slope down in front in the crotch - just incredibly sexy, so tease that a little as well. After about half way you could remove the leggings and tease the panties and the boobs, which are still covered by the shirt. Lean in and massage your tits, undo all the buttons on the polo. A tight shirt and panties is such a hot look, so work it like only you can! Finally, remove the polo and give a nice, hot boob and ass tease in just your bra and panties. All the while you're working me up to climax. Once I release you say "good boy, until next time, happy jerking".


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