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Good Christian Man

  • Good Christian Man

    Custom Request: Would You be willing to do a clip where You seduced me in to betraying my wife just by sweet talking me? Maybe wear a low-cut top, but mostly just seduce my dick with sweet, evil words about how good You could make me feel. If I am trying to deny my lust because I think I am a good and moral Christian man, then why is my cock getting so hard just listening to You? You guarantee if You touched my cock just once, I would never get over the pleasure and I would spend my whole life trying to recapture that high. You know I'm dying to feel Your pretty princess hands teasing and exploring my body. The things You could do for me with one simple touch....then You ask me if my dick is still claiming to be loyal to wifey. You bet I'm hard as a rock listening to You and fantasizing about You overwhelming me with pleasure. In fact You guarantee You can get me so hard dreaming of Your touch that I'll splooge in my pants before You even finish the clip, that is if I haven't already. Married religious men don't stand a chance of resisting the seductive she-devil, Princess Meggerz!

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    • Created: 5/1/12
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