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God Meggerz is my new Allah

  • God Meggerz is my new Allah

    CUSTOM REQUEST:  POV style video you are sitting in a throne talking eye level to us. 

    Start the video off with the idea that you're no longer going to have religion after this.

    Say stuff like "you're about to forsake Allah in front of me. now,get down on your knees. Look up at your new God. But I do want to keep something from that old religion of yours...Allah and prayer. Get your prayer rug out slave and lay it at my feet. I am your new Allah, slave! So pray to me while the Quran is under my feet. On your knees, palms and hands facing, just as in salat (word for prayer), and now bow your head up and down, touching your forehead to the ground. While doing this, repeat after me

    "There is no God but God Meggerz. God Meggerz is my new Allah. All hail and bow to God Meggerz, my new Allah."" ( I recommend having us do this multiple times).


    All while sitting is on your throne. When the bowing starts, you can even stand in happiness in laughter and pleasure to absorb the worship by us all.

    Then demand "now slave praise me as Allah, do it now"

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