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Girlfriend Destruction Game

  • Girlfriend Destruction Game

    I welcome my little glove bitch back. I knew he couldn't resist coming back. He can't stop thinking about me and I know it. His gf is downstairs in her comfy clothes watching tv, and I instruct him to go upstairs to the bedroom that he and your gf share. (The room that he's always busy wanking off to me in. The room that he fucks his gf while picturing me and my perfect gloved hands and leather encased body in his mind...) I have you go to her side of the bed and locate either some face cream or body lotion. I command you to stroke your cock while thinking of my perfect leather encased body, and shoot every last drop of cum in her face cream or body lotion and shake it up. The thought of her rubbing that spunk into her skin is somewhat amusing to me and very hot to you. After all, we know I really own your cock!


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