Humiliation * Foot Fetish * Sissification * Coerced Intox * Cuckolding * Coerced Gay & Training Ass Worship * Financial Domination * MindFucking *


  • fallen_victim

    Head over heels, you fell hard for me after watching 4 inches of waste. And since then you've feed into my greed. Fallen victim to my demands. Purchased every clip in my store. One after another after another... And yet you still crave more of me. You need me. So yet again, you fall to your knees and pay for an over priced custom clip. Knowing I will work you up only to deny you. Tease and destroy you. But when it comes time to blow, when I start your count down, you are made to stare only at my feet. You are told to kiss and lick the screen as you jerk being denied everything you love about me.

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    • Created: 3/17/14
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    • JOI
    • Masturbation Encouragement
    • Masturbation Instruction