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Easy A

  • Easy A

    "So I am Your mean, strict teacher and I never let anyone get away with anything. You wonder how mean and strict I would be if You wore a sexy tank top under Your school uniform and You asked to see me after class. You act so innocent and unaware of Your gorgeous breasts and the power they hold, but You know what they can do to a man. Any man. Even mean, strict Mr. Teacher. It's so hot in my classroom, that You just 'have' to slip out of Your school sweater. Now all that remains between me and Your Goddess breasts is a low-cut tank top. Poor, helpless Mr. Teacher looks distracted. "Awwww, is something wrong, Mr. Teacher? You seem...distracted.". How strict and mean is Mr. Teacher now? You bet Mr. Teacher is willing to do nice things for Princess Meggerz, isn't he!! Looks like a nice, luscious rack is all it takes to con mean 'ol Mr. Teacher!:

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