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CEI Blackmail

  • CEI Blackmail

    All men are easily figured out, weak and brainless when it comes to females. Women evoke your sex drive whether it be the desire to fuck, pleasure, or submit. Either way, the male species as a whole is inferior and with that being known why shouldn't I exploit it?
    Submitting to a curious and yet greatly humiliating act such as cumming onto oneself and tasting it piques your interest. You are even more vulnerable to this degrading act when the thought of being discovered, outed and/or blackmailed tags along with it. I provoke something within you deeply rooted to your underlying submissive urges you know you cannot resist.
    You'll buy this clip and you will follow my exact instruction because I'd really hate to fuck you.

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    • Created: 10/7/13
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    • Cum Eating Instruction
    • Blackmail
    • Humiliation