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Can the bitch not breathe?

  • Can the bitch not breathe?

    Requested: The bitch has been trying to hide from you since your last beating. You invite her over assuring her it's just to talk. When she get in the door, you kick her in the face and look down at her on the ground and tell her, that you own her, and you begin stomping her face fast, hard and repeatedly. Asking her "you like this bitch, because I LOVE it" Holding your foot over her face you wiggle your toes and tell her to say, "please stomp me like the bitch I am" " I know you own me". You tell her to open her mouth WIDE, then you shove your entire foot in her mouth wiggling your toes in the back of her throat. She expects you to pull out but you push deeper and tell her "bitch, this can get much worse and I'm gonna show you how" you keep your foot in her mouth, asking "what, you cant breathe" see bitch, I own you and my feet can take your life" "Now kiss the foot that almost choked you to " Ok now, lets see if we can break that face of want that don't you bitch" she's terrified and says yes. You laugh and begin brutally stomping her face fast and hard. You tell her she is addicted to your stinky feet and spread your toes and make her smell your feet. They stink so bad she goes into a trance like high and you foot her mouth violently until she almost . You say, no, no bitch I need you awake for this, but remember if you don't obey me one day you may not survive. You tell her the nights schedule, 8:00 ass by 3 10" black cocks who will come in your mouth and you will then be addicted to clack come like you're addicted to my stinky feet, 9:00 foot by 3 gorgeous goddesses, then at 10:00 mouth open and pissed in by the 6 people that just you. Sound like fun bitch? They're here, don't embarrass me or I'll kick you to bend over bitch. Lots of toe spreading and toe wiggling.

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