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Caged Up & Coerced To Cum

  • Caged Up & Coerced To Cum

    Look what I've got! Your cock under My control. A grown man's penis. You've given it up to Me... or shall I say, I've taken your freedom. Awe, do you want these little keys to unlock that cock of yours? Look at these keys, closer to Me than your cock will ever be, huh? Is it trying to grow in that cage? I know it is. It hurts so fucking bad but mmm it hurts so fucking good now too, doesn't it? These keys dangling right infront of your face and there is nothing you can do about it but look down at that caged cock I now own.

    What? You don't like when I tease you? Why is that? Does it hurt your cock when I do devious little things like rub these tits? You could be stroking right now if you owned your own cock. But I own it. Watching your facial expressions as you attempt to control that growing boner, inflicting such pain amuses Me. Poor pathetic you. Poor pathetic cock. Let's drop them in My cleavage for safe keeping. And maybe after all your debts been paid, after all your pain, suffering, and agony I will unlock you. But maybe not, maybe you'll suffer forever...

    No, I'll give you an orgasm. A special little cum. Jiggle that cage. Jiggle it, relax and let that failed release ooze right out.


    Chastity - Ruined Orgasm - Orgasm Control 

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