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Blackmail Cum Eating Facial

  • Blackmail Cum Eating Facial

    What, you never thought I'd take you back to that place where all of you would be craving me so, so, so fucking much to where you would be willing to do anything for me? I know just how to work your little dick up to the point where you lose all control. The thought of staring down your own cock moments before creaming your own face is such a turn on, knowing I want your cum shooting onto your face and into your mouth... until you actually do it. But I am giving you no escape. It will happen this time, or else...

    Have your email open and ready to send to, ready to attach the before photo I am requiring from you.

    "Your recent facial blackmail clip is fantastic!  Thanks for an excellent clip either way and keep up the terrific work!" - Yep, keeping up the terrific work.

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