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Black Male Submits...

  • Black Male Submits...

    Love your clips.  I am a black male that loves submitting to superior white women.  I find myself more and more moving towards the raceplay fetish.  The stereotypical porn image of a dominant black male and submissive white female (and her partner) just doesn’t work for me.  With that said, there is a special appreciation for a dominant white women who can say nigger with out even blinking (you are by far one of the best).  The racial element makes everything much more intense.

    I’m looking for a custom racial humiliation (for blacks) where you would be wearing a tight pair of jeans, a tank top (similar to Mocking your Fantasy), platform high heels/boots and your strap on dildo (wearing on top or underneath your jeans).  The clip will basically be submitting to your cock.  I have order customs before from your clip store and expect you to be as harsh as you want with the humiliation ("Suck my white dick you stupid nigger…" or “ look at that good nigger putting his ass up for this superior white cock…").

    This was a custom request.

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    • Price: $9.99
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    • Length: 10:00
    • Created: 9/18/12
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


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