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The Taste of His Cum

  •  The Taste of His Cum


    "very playful fun tone cutesy tone smiley not authoritarian or commanding or angry - make sure to call me pet names like cutie or honey or baby."
    Oh wow, baby. I'm so worn out, I was just with my boyfriend and I know I've told you how much a stud and how big, fat, and delicious his cock is. It's huge and sexy, hits all the right spots!
    Wait, are you getting hard as I describe this? You are! Look at how hard your little dick is in your shorts!
    You know I just blew him and let him fuck away at Me. Too bad he came in a Magnum or I would have saved his warm cum for you to lick up. But you know, I still have the taste of his cock and balls on my lips and my tongue. Come here and smell it. You like smelling that big cock? Oh yeah you like that. How would you like a kiss to taste it? Okay pucker up. You're gonna have to beg me for a taste of his big cock from my mouth. Say please! That's a good boy, here lemme dribble some cum spit into your mouth... Oh wow, and you just came into your shorts. 


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    • Humiliation
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